VOL-5 ISSUE-3, July 2021

Dipeptide-SWCNTs-based Supramolecular Hybrid Hydrogel

Pages : 76-81

Author(s) : Subhasish Roy*

Category : Research Paper

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Abstract :
A dipeptide appended pyrenebutyric acid’s amide forms hydrogel at basic pH with an estimated minimum gelation concentration of 0.29 % w/v. The hydrogel was characterized by using various microscopic and spectroscopic techniques. The gelator molecule itself can disperse pristine-single walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) in basic aqueous medium and it can also form a hybrid hydrogel with SWCNTs. Fluorescence, morphological and rheological properties of the hybrid hydrogel were different from the native hydrogel.

Keywords : Peptide. Amphiphile. Hydrogel. Fluorescence. SWCNTs. Rheology