VOL-5 ISSUE-3, July 2021

Biopolymer-based Films and Coatings: Emerging Technologies to Extend Shelf-life of Fruits and Vegetables

Pages : 82-91

Author(s) : L. Susmita Devi, Manashi Das Purkayastha, Avik Mukherjee, Santosh Kumar*

Category : Review Paper

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Abstract :
Numerous published reports have demonstrated that biopolymer-based films and coatings can effectively reduce weight loss, and postharvest decay such as biochemical and microbial spoilage of coated fresh fruits and vegetables resulting in their postharvest shelf-life extension by a few days to as long as a month. This review is a comprehensive account on applications of biopolymer based active, composite coatings and films for sustainable packaging of fresh produce.

Keywords : Composite films and coatings, Postharvest shelf life, Fresh produce, Food preservation, Biodegradable films and coating